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Ladies Learning Code: Intro To Photoshop Course

I attended a photoshop workshop yesterday that was run by a not-for-profit Toronto based group run by four women who provide affordable workshops to encourage women to learn more technical skills including learning programming languages and introduction to programs such as photoshop. This was my first workshop through them, which was just over $50 with tax, and ran from 10am to 5pm. We had a bit of a late start because of a room issue, so the beginning was a little fast paced and rushed since the instructor was trying to catch us up. It also got noisy at times when people were getting their questions answered by the teaching assistants (all volunteers), so it was hard to follow along with the instructor.

Overall though it was a good workshop and I learned quite a bit. We also worked on Macs, so for those who were used to PCs it was a bit of a challenge for them to orient themselves. I think it’s also good for people to have a look through photoshop before they attend the class since the class didn’t have a basic intro to the photoshop program itself. Since I already use photoshop frequently and I work on a Mac it was much easier for me to keep up with the lesson.

I also learned about a couple of cool websites:
- Google Webfonts: free downloadable fonts
- Kuler: Web theme colours

There were three things that we learned how to do.
1. Create a custom background for our twitter page
2. Edit a profile picture
3. Create a custom cover for our Facebook timeline

I think these were great projects since not everyone has a blog, but most people use facebook and twitter. The projects were simple and really relavant, but the skills I learned for each can be applied to many things I do with photo editing and website design. So far I’ve been using pre-made layouts for this blog and I think now I have a better chance of making my own images and working on a new layout. I’m really exicted. Hopefully I’ll be able to do that soon and roll it out in the summer. Stay tuned! :)

For information about Ladies Learning Code check out their website at

Here is also another a review from a blogger who attended the workshop: How I Went From Photoshop Oblivious To Photoshop Empowered

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