August 2017
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Home Made Christmas Food

This Christmas, like many before, was filled with lots of delicious foods. I was treated to many delicious items from savoury to dessert. Here are some highlights of what I got to eat. The first is a meal I had with my in-laws. My husband made all the savoury dishes, a Beef Wellington, asparagus wrapped in Smoked Salmon and Purple Cabbage Salad. The second shot is of the Chocolate Yule Log my SIL made and a white Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake her fiance’s friend made. The third picture is of my mother who is making Banana Fritters. I am allergic to raw bananas and one of the only times I eat them is when she makes them like this. Delicious! The fourth and fifth picture is of my Pumpkin Gingerbread Cookies which I made into various star shapes. The last shot is of Bombay Toast, my favourite breakfast meal. It’s way better than any French Toast I’ve eaten.

Pictures 3 to 6 were taken by my sister. I forgot my camera at home while visiting my family and had to rely on her to take shots for me.

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