October 2017
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4×4 Whitehorse Tour

While in Whitehorse we didn’t have access to a vehicle so we decided to go on a tour which would take us around to local sweet spots. Normally we do not ever sign up for tours because we love exploring on our own, but this was totally worth it. We signed up for the Sub-alpine Tour by Backwoods 4×4 Tours but since some of the routes in the tour were washed in we got a mixture of routes from the Sub-alpine Tour and the Views from the Top tour. We got to see some spectacular view and got some local commentary from our tour guide. He was incredibly friendly and helpful and I would definitely recommend the tour to anyone going to Whitehorse. Even if you have access to a vehicle, it’s worth taking the tour because you’ll get to some spots that aren’t easy to get to without local knowledge and experience using four-wheel drive.

Here is a description of the following shots:
1. One of the two windturbines that overlook Whitehorse
2. Our tour guide telling Hubster about the location
3. Fish Lake where they have snowmobile races in the winter
4. View overlooking Fish Lake
5. Inukshuk overlooking Whitehorse
6. Miles Canyon

Check out my Flickr page for more pictures.

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