August 2017
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Whitehorse In The Morning

The day after we arrived in Whitehorse we woke up bright and early because we hadn’t adjusted to the time difference yet. We decided to walk around and explore the city while there was minimal activity on the streets. I managed to take a few shots of things I found interesting. The architecture and urban landscape really captured my attention. It was so refreshingly different than Toronto.

The first picture is of a mosaic fish themed stage that is in a small square. I guess they have performances there in the summer. The second is of a cute part of a street with white picket fences outside quaint homes. It gave the area a small town feel. We also noticed that there were many walls of buildings that had murals painted on them, often with Aboriginal themes. People also had quirky items on their property, like the following picture with a dinosaur themed weathervane. It reminded me of Ross Gellar. He would be dorky enough to have something like that on his house. The last picture is of some of the historic architecture of the Yukon, which we saw much more of in Dawson City.

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