October 2017
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Camping 2010

Hubster and I have been doing a lot of travelling lately. We went to Boston last weekend (pics to come) and just got back from camping this weekend. It was a lot of fun but unfortunately I didn’t recharge my batters and was only able to get a handful of shots this weekend. It was too bad because we had great fires on Friday and Saturday night along with lots of other festivities that I would have liked to capture. On the up side it was a good opportunity for me to put the camera down and be more involved without worrying about stopping to take pictures. I think that’s a dilemma a lot of photographers have; when to stop trying to capture the moment in a picture and to simply capture it in your memory. Being a person who attempts to create as few regrettable moments as possible (ie. failing to take pictures of moments I want to capture), I just need to learn that there isn’t any point crying over spilled milk. Enjoy what you have rather than dwelling on what you don’t or didn’t do. =)

Here are half of the pictures I took. Two are of a family friend’s daughter, aka a relative’s relative. Indian people always seem to be related somehow, if not directly then indirectly. Anyway, she’s a pretty tolerable kid, which is quite a complement for me to say since I really dislike kids and usually do almost anything to avoid being in contact with them. She makes a good subject for photography too since when she’s not chatting away with me she’s chatting with someone else and oblivious to my creeper shots of her. The last shot is of sandwiches my mom made. Look how she labelled and individually wrapped every single one. I think that’s where I get my organization skills from.

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